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WELCOME to intergalactic Dunmanway, hometown of Sam Maguire and now home to The Feel the Force festival, a weekend of Star Wars themed activities, workshops & cosplay and a whole lot of fun. 

We would like to thank everyone for supporting Feel The Force Dunmanway, 2024. The festival ethos was All tribes welcome and it certainly felt that way.  It was a huge success and we are delighted to have been able to present the Co Action Hub in Dunmanway a cheque for €5000 from the proceeds.

A small group organised this event but on the two festival days,  we had some amazing volunteers that made it all come together and we would like to thank them so much.

Thank you to the vendors & the Cos Players – you were all amazing and you brought so much fun and entertainment to our beautiful town.

To the people who provided music and entertainment in the square – what a great atmosphere you created. We’d also like to thank the Guards, Council, Stewards, Dunmanway Chamber of Commerce, photographers media and PR and anyone that helped in any way.

To the schools -thank you for decorating many shop windows with your fabulous art. 

And finally, to the businesses and many sponsors who contributed so generously- without you,  this could never have been possible.

We are already looking forward to Feel the Force 2025!

Feel the force organiser donating €5000 to Co Action Hub Dunmanway

Feel the Force is brought to you by Dunmanway Chamber of Commerce and festival sponsors.

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